day 21 : canadia! & niagra falls…

October 1, 2009

It was already after lunch, and I still had 5+ hours to go to Niagra Falls–hoping to make it before dusk to see the Falls in daylight.

Leaving PA so quickly seemed a shame–beautiful scenery, and a sense of humor to boot! (see the end of the last posst)–but I knew I would be back to catch a glimpse of the eastern half of the state later in my journey…

I headed due North through PA for about 3 hours… The entire drive was beautiful, but it was really once I had reached the coast again, near Erie, that it really became spectacular…


As you probably know by now, I have a thing for clouds. The rest of the drive from Erie to Niagra paralleled the coast, with fliffy clouds dangling in the sky the whole way…


As simple as it was, I was quite taken by the whole thing–straight road, clouds, greenery, and tunes in my ear. I even tried video-ing it! (it get’s a little loud half way through FYI)

(shout out to Lovedrug, and my college years…)

Even nearing dusk, the sky still didn’t disappoint… beams of light shone down through the clouds. Almost surreal.


crossing the border was a little trickier than expected, but i made it through none the less..


just in time to see the great falls before dark!


all i can say is WOW! seeing the amount and the weight of water pouring over the edges was powerful. the power of the water is so tremendous, that a a cloud of mist is created high above the water’s surface.


I wandered around a bit–watching from all angles, while I waited for Patricia. Niagra was another one of those places where I stayed with a friend of a friend. Here I was staying with a high school classmate of my college roommate (confusing, eh?), and his lovely girlfriend was nice enough to meet me for a couple of hours and give me the tour of the city while he was busy working the night shift.


What was almost as interesting as the falls themselves, was the stark contrast of the casinos and high-rises right behind…


I was amazed how how much it felt like Vegas…the ultimate tourist trap, complete with a wax museum! It was beautiful though, and I really enjoyed my time with Patricia, as short as it was.

I’ve been totally blessed by many generous people throughout this trip, and Eric was another one of those. He opened up his home (with the help of Patricia letting me in) without ever having met me! We made our introductions when he finally came home in the middle of the night…and I was off on my next drive before he woke in the morn!

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  1. Megan

    Great pics :)

    Jan 21, 2012 @ 9:43 am


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